Pre-Sinaitic Torah

This article has moved to our new site, Bechirah. Please click here to read, “Pre-Sinaitic Torah.” Shalom, thank you, and Yah bless!

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2 responses to “Pre-Sinaitic Torah”

  1. Pete Rambo says :

    Good article. Totally agree, the Torah pre-existed Sinai!!

    Abel brought the firstlings and their fat portions which is precisely how Leviticus describes a proper sacrifice. Yep, Adam was instructed!

    Never noticed the tzitziot/pathil connection with Judah!! Thanks!

    I have some other instances of Torah existence in this article:

    Later, I got to thinking, ‘D’uh! The Torah had to pre-exist Creation. But how to prove?’ Here are some of my thoughts (would love your comment):

    Shalom and keep up the good work!!

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